All Aboard the High Tech Jeepney!

All Aboard the High Tech Jeepney!

Getting ready to ride…

Hi All,

I’m a grade one teacher in my first year here at ISM. I’ve been enjoying the Philippines with my husband, Paul, and my 12 year old son, Beck, for 6 months now. Unfortunately, I haven’t gotten out enough yet to have identified a “favorite” PH place. In December I enjoyed traveling north along the west coast of Luzon -lots of beaches, fun surfing in La Union, and great people all along the way. My family has also enjoyed Anilao to the south, and Talipanan in Mindoro.

I’m eager to join all of you in “leveling up” on this jeepney, and thank Alicia for creating the opportunity. Today’s technology offers phenomenal resources and tools for learners. More than ever before, new technologies and software are enabling students to explore, create, and communicate about what they are thinking and learning in real time with real audiences across the globe. I am excited about the opportunities for great learning that abound. As a teacher I want to keep abreast of these opportunities, and use them in creative, mindful, and balanced ways.

I want the same for my young students -creative, mindful, and balanced use of technology in their lives. Today’s technology puts an amazing amount of information, entertainment, and communication opportunities at our students’ fingertips 24/7. My students are drawn to that experience like no other, often to the exclusion of other types of experiences. I want to help my students (and perhaps their parents) evaluate how they use technology at home and become mindful of balancing their time to include a rich variety of direct social, physical, and cognitive experiences that contribute to their overall development and well-being.

I’m looking forward to our Jeepney journey. Love taking things at my own pace 🙂

Sue Kidder